Troubleshooting Blotter

If you're having issues with Blotter, please provide us with the following information, and we will be better able to assist you. 

  • What version of Mac OS X?
  • What model and how much RAM your computer has.
  • Your screen arrangement (eg. 'two screens').


Open Console (/Applications/Utilities/Console), select 'All Messages' to the left and type in 'blotter' in the search field. Copy and paste all the hits (if any) into the support ticket.


Activity Monitor

Open Activity Monitor (/Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor), search for 'blotter' and select the process. With the process selected, press 'Sample Process.'

In the dialog that pops up, save the result and attach to the support ticket.



If Blotter appears to have crashed for you, please make sure to also include the following files:

  • ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Blotter*
  • /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Blotter*
('Blotter*' means anything starting with Blotter. '~' is a shorthand for your home directory, such as '/Users/foobar/')
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    Kerry Schjei

    I am unable to sync this calendar with my Outlook calendar which is used by my company. Please help.


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    Kerry Schjei

    3 screens


    MacBook Pro

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