Reset Calendars and Reminders Privacy to Allow Data to Appear in Blotter

Sometimes you might accidentally decline access to your Calendar or Reminders when installing Blotter. If that happens your Blotter will not populate and will show as blank. Running the attached application will allow you to reset the privacy settings so Blotter can see your Events and Reminders.


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    Danni Chen

    Can't show any reminders too. 

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    The color of most of my calendars appears blue (whatever is its color in iCal) on Catalina, it is not the case on the previous macOS (High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan...); Any idea to fix that bug ? Is the tip to make Blotter work on Big Sur could help for that (could you confirm that colors appear OK on Big Sur with these commands ?). The reminders are not shown any more too. Thanks

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